Mind Games: A collection of psychological thrillers

Ghosts? Spirits? These are just figments of imagination. Old wives’ tales that village folk have created and passed down over generations to keep themselves entertained. Humans, on the other hand, are the real terror that walk the Earth. The ideas conjured up in one’s mind is enough to leave the dead quivering in their graves.
They say that the power of the mind knows no boundaries. Mankind has just begun to scratch the surface of just how powerful the mind can be, but have they really? What lurks in the depths of the mind of a boy who has been weighed down by his twin all his life, to suddenly know that it was all a ruse? When a best friend chooses to become a self-declared protector of yours, how long would it be before you decide whether you are being guarded, or held captive? A man who murdered his wife, claims that she is not who she says she is. A court trial finds him guilty, and declares him insane. But is he really?
I present you “Mind Games”, tales that tell you about those who walk amongst us, may not always be who they seem to be. Tales about people who may have gone a little too far, those for whom there is no coming.
Tales that are sure to keep you up all night, wondering what is reality, and what is fiction.

As Fates Would Have It

Do you believe in Fate? Do you think you can change it?
For generations, mankind has had to live with the uncertainty of death, along with the pain and chaos it brought with it. When humans could no longer bear the grief of losing a loved one, the Fates stepped in. They created a Book, which had the date of death written for every human born. To die at your given time, and to accept death, became the law. Death made no exceptions. But Marcus Wane did not want to die, just because some crusty old book told him to. He had a plan to evade Death.
Would he succeed? Or would it all backfire horribly? What does Death have in store for a human who doesn't wish to die?

Meet Me Under the Stars *(Best Seller)

He thinks with his mind.
She leads with the heart.
Can these two ever be business partners…or even something more?
Veda Mehra’s life was simple, until an inheritance throws her into co-owning a bar and bistro with Arjun Pratap Singh, the totally-hot-but-totally-annoying guy who runs Adventa Group.
Running the family business since a young age, Arjun is used to being the authority. Nobody says no, until this girl walks into his life and questions everything he has learnt about business and life. One night and a bottle of wine rehashes the ghosts of the past, and changes everything. They know love is off limits to them, but who can challenge destiny? Can he make her broken heart love again? Can she break his walls down?
A sizzling romance peppered with friction leads to a battle of will that has Veda wondering – who wins? The heart, the project, or her past?

Insincerely Yours

All Ray wanted was to have some fun. Little did she know that what began as a harmless midnight adventure would soon end up being the most terrifying night of her life.
Shuttling back and forth between the States and whichever obscure Indian town her civil servant father was transferred to, Atreya ‘Ray’ Sen’s life has always been on the move. When she comes down to sleepy old Visakhapatnam and befriends Mira, Ray hopes she could be a successful means of whiling away her summer. When Mira invites her to a late-night adventure with Mira’s boyfriend and his pals, Ray jumps at the chance for some excitement. When one of the boys suggests they take a detour to one of Vizag’s most famous haunted houses, the night takes a turn for the dark. The spirit of a mean old man seems to be following them, killing them off one by one. A near-death experience reveals to Ray that she is the only one who can bring peace to him. Now, Ray must race against time to find a way to save her family and friends, or else the once-peaceful town of Vizag would witness a bloodbath like never before.
An old Victorian mansion with a dark history…a spirit with a vengeance…a girl with no memory of her past…
Will Ray be able to stop the killings in time? Or will she be left with no friends and no family yet again?