Fun fact: I am crazy for stories. When I was a child, the adults of the house would call me the “story monster”, just because a story was all it took to engross me, distract me, or bribe me. For as long as I could remember, stories have been an irreplaceable part of my life. I spend over two decades, consuming books like my life depended on it, loving every moment of it, when I realized that I wanted my own now. I wanted to write.

It all started when we moved to California, and my school was only thrice a week. Mom and I were left with nothing to keep us occupied, which is when - one fine day - she decided to take me to the local library. That is where I fell in love. The rustic charm of the old building coupled with the distinct smell of old books made me feel something intense for the first time. We brought couple books home, and as Mum opened the first one, I ran my fingers over the yellowed was a feeling like nothing I'd ever felt. She would read me to bed every single night, the combination of her soft voice and the beautiful words lulling me to sleep. As I grew older, my habit became an addiction, and I found myself searching for libraries everywhere I went, and finding myself in old bookstores when I wanted some "me time". Over time, I realized that the way I felt when I read a book, I wanted others to feel the same. What's more than that, I wanted to be the one to bring out that feeling. That's when I began writing short snippets, and if even one person would respond, saying that it has inspired them/made them feel relatable/caused an emotional stir, I'd be content.

But as any other passion, this passion of mine grew with time. Once the pandemic hit, I realized that I had been blessed with the chance I had always been waiting for: to write my own stories. And so, it started, and has now grown into this website and blog!

I will be sharing some personal anecdotes here, which can range from funny to romantic to downright scary, so grab your favourite drink and snack and be prepared, for you are about to get an exclusive sneak peek into the drama I call my life. But remember! I let my imagination run wild sometimes, so do take it with a pinch of salt!

Oh, and welcome to the family!

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